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Organic Mechanic Massage is a full-service massage therapy practice committed to creating customized, restorative sessions that promote balance, rejuvenation, and integrative healing.

Each session is custom-tailored to meet your unique needs and support your overall goals for your health and well-being. Specializing in Cranial Sacral therapy, energy healing, and integrated massage, Alysa is a master of many healing techniques and utilizes intuitive methods to best anticipate the massage elements which will best benefit you.


Craniosacral Therapy

Gentle touch manipulation of your head, neck, and spine helps reduce or eliminate migraines, alleviate TMJ and other dental issues, reduce chronic pain, ameliorate mental health issues, including depression and ADD, and release past trauma from your body.

Energy Healing

Therapies such as Reiki, Native American energy practices, and healing touch transfer healing energies into the body, resulting in physical, mental, and emotional balance, strength, and ease. These therapies are helpful for general physical and emotional maintenance as well to alleviate chronic pain or an ongoing health issue.

Integrated Massage

A wonderful starting point for first-timers, integrated massage explores a variety of tools and techniques to promote relaxation, energetic equilibrium, and intuitive healing. Each session begins with a conversation and intention-setting and is custom-tailored specifically to your unique needs.
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Wow! My 90 min session with massage and cranio-sacral transformed me from a stressed out ball of nerves into a calm, peaceful mode. I felt like I went in wrapped up in knots (literally and energetically), and during the session emerged from this cocoon into a beautiful butterfly! Alysa has an amazing healing presence and skillset.

She really took the time to learn about my needs before getting started. Alysa is able to use various modalities from Reiki to deep tissue to cranial sacrial techniques and more. I asked her to blend a few for my session and found this to be very unique and delightfully helpful. My goal was for a soothing and calming experience which she more than fulfilled. I felt actually "taken care of" with her.

Very relaxing, and therapeutic! Alysa made me feel comfortable with my experience as I haven’t had a professional massage in several years! :))

Knowledge about different therapies and how they might help me. Not pushy. Great explanation of treatment prior to it. Took input seriously and incorporated that into current treatment. Good sense of humor balancing with seriousness. Good boundaries.

What a great experience! I came to Alysa with pain in my back and arm that had been plaguing me for a week or better. She did her due diligence in asking questions to find out where my concerns were and what might be causing my issues. She took the information I was able to give her and skillfully executed one of the best and most helpful massages I've ever had...Thanks Alysa!

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